Tips for attending Zoom Classes

You can use Zoom on any device as long as they have a camera, speakers and a microphone. smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer (as long as it has a webcam)

Download Zoom and create a free account. This just gives you a user name and password to login to the App. It's free and works on all devices. This is more secure and has more features than just using the link in a browser.

To join a meeting, Click JOIN and enter the meeting ID and passcode. Make sure you have your correct name (- not just iPhone).

Have the chargers for your device on hand during the entire class.

Learn to mute yourself to avoid background noise which might be distracting to other students.

Attend the Meet & Greet the evening before a class to make sure your devices can connect, your mic and camera are working properly.

Most of the time you will be in speaker view to watch the teacher. She will change to gallery view when she wants you all to see each other.